FUEL 1,1L HP SupraLite Bottle 1 Piece



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The FUEL SupraLite bottle is the lightest 1,1l HP bottle on the market. With 650 grams (without regulator), the lightweight is par excellence!
You value an ultralight setup? Then this bottle is the absolute “must-have”! Thanks to the low weight, you will remain unbelievably little. You change your shot hand even faster!

With the maximum filling pressure of 300 bar (4500psi) and a capacity of 1.1l. this bottle has enough power for your next games! In your SupraLite bottle a stainless steel core is installed. This offers you the highest protection!

Of course, the SupraLite Bottle from FUEL has the European seal of approval “PI”! Incidentally, your new HP bottle is made by Armotech. The manufacturer of quality compressed air bottles in the paintball sport!

Uffpass: Use of the compressed air tank only with protective cover! Damage to the clearcoat is not a defect!