A better shot – The Prime Infinity Drive uses new dual bumpers and stationary valve to ensure every shot is on point.

Made for paintball – The Prime electronics have been redesigned to do their job under harsh conditions. We didn’t add features you don’t need, but made sure the features you do need, always work.

Comfortable – Comfortable = accurate. Sharp edges have been removed, and the Prime puts your hands in the right position, forcing you into good habits.

All the features – Pro teams agree, there are features you need, and there are gimmicks. The Prime has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

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No edges where rubber and aluminium meet.

A strong aluminum frame has integrated rubber grips for comfort. The rubber is recessed into the aluminium for a comfortable and water resistant fit.

Integrated OLED screen

The 65K colour OLED screen is integrated directly into the aluminium frame, making it strong, and placing it in an easy-reading side location.

New front grip

The strong, metal front grip is overlaid with a rubber grip to give both strength and comfort.

Ergonomic advantage

The MacDev lengthened platform revolutionised marker ergonomics for accuracy and running/gunning. Small refinements to the balance and spacing, along with trigger placement and balance continue this long history of functional paintball marker ergonomics.

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