• Additional filling device for 225 or 330 bar (for MARINER 200/250)
  • Switchover device for 330/225 bar
  • Larger P 31/P 41 Purification System (depending on model) for extended filter cartridge life
  • B-TIMER filter cartridge lifetime monitoring system (depending on model)
  • SECURUS filter cartridge saturation monitoring system (depending on model)
  • Automatic condensate drain including automatic shutoff when final pressure is reached
  • Trolley
  • Nitrox model available

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The MARINER Series was designed for high charging rates in mobile applications and is ideal for both private and commercial filling station operations.

The MARINER is supplied with a corrosion-resistant crash frame for integrating system accessories. The MARINER 250 model and upwards also include the innovative BAUER P 31 Purification System.

The sophisticated purification technology of the BAUER Purification System reliably prevents users from inha­ ling air impurities 1 and provides effective protection from icing up.

Professional quality, tailored to every application: delivering charging rates of 320 I/min, the MARINER 320 is among the world’s most powerful compressors! Its ultra-rugged compressor block and corrosion-resistant components make it ideal for use in even the most challenging climates.