Reliably removes viruses, bacteria and mould spores from your breathing air

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Safe breathing air also in environments contaminated by pathogens
Reliably neutralises micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria and mould spores*
Easy retrofitting of existing BAUER systems possible
Thanks to its innovative functionality, the B-VIRUS FREE protective filter makes sure that fire fighting and disaster control emergency forces, patients in compressed air chambers and even scuba divers are provided with pure breathing air – free of viruses, bacteria, mould spores and pollen.
The UV radiation of the fresh air taken in by the compressor inactivates any pathogens which can slip through the normally used intake filter due to their minimal size. The intake filters installed by BAUER are fine enough to stop normal dust particles and pollen which is already very small; yet viruses, bacteria and mould spores are several times smaller and as a result, they cannot be stopped by a conventional filter.
The UVC rays emitted by the UV light source inactivate these pathogens by destroying the DNA in bacteria and mould, and the RNA in viruses. Reproduction of the pathogens is therefore ruled out.
The short-wave UV light emitted generates no ozone thanks to the top-quality light source. Moreover, treatment with UV light means you are able to completely avoid any use of chemicals. Therefore, all roads lead to the B-VIRUS FREE when harmless breathing air is key, even in critical environments.
* The B-VIRUS FREE Filter eliminates up to 99.9% (minimum 99%) of coronaviruses, bacteria and certain moulds from intake air.