The Versatile Unit for Professional Applications

MARINER 200 – The powerful mobile compressor for breathing air with integrated crash frame.
Measured with cylinder filling from 0 to 200 bar, ±5%
Option of different voltage/frequency available


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Tough: Thanks to an incredibly durable driving gear. Suitable for short-term operation and continuous service
Durable and robust: Three-stage or four-stage construction and industrial roller bearings maximise the service life of the units
Protected against corrosion: With an ultra-lightweight aluminium chassis for the best possible protection against corrosion
Reliable lubrication: With generously dimensioned low-pressure oil pump
With charging rate of 200 l/min, the MARINER 200 is the versatile mobile compressor unit in the PROFI-LINE II series which impresses with its range of equipment: the corrosion-resistant crash frame to which system accessories can be attached is integrated as a standard feature.
Furthermore, the first stage and the high-pressure final stage of the MARINER 200 feature piston rings made from a new high-tech plastic which are virtually wear-free.
The vibration-reducing motor rocker design optimises smooth running.
Thanks to the extensive range of BAUER accessories, the compressor can be customised to meet all manner of different requirements and intended uses in next to no time.
Suitable for use as a diving compressor, shipping compressor, for installation in yachts, as a fire service compressor, paintball compressor and in many other applications. Petrol and electric versions available.